Mar 8 2010

January 13th readings…

January 13th readings – Getting Started with Social Media

             This is the first blog posting dealing with the reading assignments for the graduate class, ‘History in the Digital Age,’ and I can safely say I am a little overwhelmed. I had absolutely no idea that there were so many forms of digital communication out there, and of those that I did know about, I did not have a very high opinion.

             However, after a little investigation, I must admit my opinions they are a changin’. Take Twitter for example; I knew of it because of the hype surrounding celebrities (and celebrity wanna-bes) and that these guys would ‘tweet’ whatever they were doing at the moment to legions of followers, no matter how mundane, and their followers would eat it up, feeling like they had a personal connection to the celeb. But now I see Twitter can be utilized in a more productive manner to connect scholars (or freedom activists in a repressive regime, for the matter) with those interested in their topics in a far easier way than say, cell phone texting, because the burden is on the follower rather than the transmitter. The transmitter makes one entry without needing to go through a list of people and deciding to whom to send it.

             But the file-sharing, video-sharing, book-marking programs were programs I had no idea existed, and am intrigued by their possible uses. I have always been fascinated by video as a means of expression and the conveyance of knowledge, and am looking forward to learning how to embed relevant historical clips into digital presentations. And I had no idea that wikis were collaborative writing spaces; I just thought the use of the term wiki was a shortcut to wikipedia.

             So, in essence, this reading assignment exposed my ignorance of the Googlefacetextweb, and has set me on the path of enlightenment.

Mar 8 2010

Twitter and Ignorance…

Mar 3 2010

ODEO podcast 29 August 2009 – FoxyProxy

Feb 26 2010

And this just about says it all…

Feb 25 2010

Chinese Censorship

Feb 25 2010

Youtube Embed Experiment II

“Everything is amazing and nobody is happy”
Uploaded by Meowbay. – Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms.

Feb 25 2010

Youtube Embed Experiment

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