April 21st readings…

April 21st readings

              Number one son was in town this past weekend, and in addition to seeing ‘How to Train your Dragon,’ we went to a Nationals-Brewers game, courtesy of John Little and the bunch down at the AU Graduate History crib.

              The movie was cute, dealing with single parenting, father-son miscommunication, budding sexual awareness (is it sexual awareness if tweens start to notice that the opposite sex are, well, different? The whole feeling goofy around the opposite sex, blushing if kissed? That’s what I mean by saying budding sexual awareness- not that there’s any boinking going on; if I’m wrong, well then just substitute the phrase budding adolescence. I think ever since Roman Polanski left town, Hollywood has been unsure of how to deal with budding sexual awareness), failed expectations, and, let’s see…. oh yeah, and dragons.

              The game, on the other hand, was amazing. Basically, the Brewers scored ten goals in the first half of the first trimester, and the Nationals got nothing. But throughout the rest of the scrimmage, the Nationals managed to sink hoop after hoop, while holding the Brewers to no touchdowns quarter after quarter. There was no need for overtime, and at the end of the ninth quarter, the ten goals the Brewers scored in the first trimester decided the game. I don’t watch a lot of sports, but this smackdown was awesome.

              On Monday, we celebrated our anniversary by eating at Café Renaissance, the most romantic restaurant in Vienna- or Northern Virginia, for that matter. I highly recommend it, but reservations are a must.

              We had no class Wednesday, just lab to work on our final projects and ask HTML questions. Next week is the big project presentation night! Sadly, my tux was lost by the cleaners, so I probably will just be wearing jeans. How ick.

              Anyway, we’ll see you next week!

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