April 7th readings…

April 7th readings

             After the former Miss Wisconsin read the previous week’s posting, she pointed out that I had neglected to mention one of the best places we visited before leaving the Appomattox Court House area, and that was Patrick Henry’s last home. I feel so ashamed.

              The Patrick Henry house that morning was just a beautiful experience; the weather was wonderful, the little tiny buds on the trees and shrubs were beginning to blossom, and we were the only ones there. After watching a short film, we were allowed to roam the grounds AND the house unescorted (which, if anyone who remembers the Toddles/White House Debacle of ’86 is well aware, is strictly a no-no; the staff still talk about the 52 cheese pizzas delivered by six of the scariest circus clowns they had ever seen, and it’s my understanding that they still haven’t been able to get the Yak urine smell out of the East Wing press conference room).

              But I was on my good behavior, and there was nothing bad that happened. And upon leaving Patrick Henry’s house, we drove through Farmville and so on.

              And the Appomattox Library was having a book sale, and I picked up all sorts of cool books for fifty cents apiece.

              Anyway, the week after the trip was spent getting caught up on everything at Casa Toddles. The fat cat that lives there seems to think that dirty socks are her prey, and when everyone is quietly working or watching television, she’ll come down the stairs with a sock in her mouth, yowling for her imaginary kittens to come eat what she has just ‘caught.’ One of these days I am going to tie a string to one of the socks so that when she pulls it a stuffed wolf is triggered into lunging at her, just to see what will happen; I just have to remember to set up a video camera to record the fun… and get a stuffed wolf from somewhere… and some string… never mind. Let her yowl. That sounds like too much work.

              Oh! And for all of you punks in my high school that said I would never amount to anything (and that includes YOU, Mrs. Pilgreen), I just received my perfect attendance certificate (suitable for framing) from that macramé class I was taking once a week at night at the Adult Community Center. So there!

              Okay, that’s all for now. Be sure to look both ways at intersections, even if the light is green.

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