March 24th readings…

March 24th readings

            So someone suggested to me that since we all are experiencing the same things in class each week, and we are currently the only ones reading each other’s blogs, that I should write about something different. And I will, after I say this one thing: this week’s class was an excellent practicum, and I enjoyed it immensely.

             Now, on to the issue at hand. My wife and I are rather curious people, always asking a lot of questions about stuff from people we meet whenever we travel, which is pretty often. As a result, we know how gristmills work, what the gross domestic product of Quebec was in the decades leading up to the War of 1812, how President John Tyler’s grandson spends his days (he is still alive), and what makes a good Virginia wine.

             It is this last item that I will expound upon for a bit. Pretty much every weekend we can, we either drive to the various colleges to visit one of our five college-age students (that’s right- five; including me, we have six tuitions we are dealing with annually), or we visit wineries, or both. In Virginia, we have visited around 35 wineries out of approximately 70. New ones are popping up daily as people decide either that it’s cool to say you own a winery or because of the generous tax advantages of owning a winery. Either way, as a result there’s always something to do on the weekends if you like to meet new people and share a drink and just talk about things.

             Now I won’t get into comparisons between all of the wines, because it wouldn’t be fair. Some of the wineries are well established, some are still feeling their way around, and others, well, let’s just say that the Virginia wine world is a very small world, and a negative comment travels very far, very fast.

             But I will share with you our favorite Virginia wines so far, and these have held steady over the past couple of years. Jack Kent Cooke’s Boxwood Winery makes an outstanding red simply called Boxwood. The winery and a tasting room are located in separate locations in Middleburg, and are well worth the visit. Whenever we visit someone we like, we’ll always bring a gift of a bottle or two of Boxwood.

     Linden Wineries has a Claret that is superb, and is one that I highly recommend for sipping in front of a fireplace on cold wintry nights, preferably with some goat cheese and garlic. Many an evening was spent this way during Snow-mageddeon 2010. Their winery also has one of the most beautiful views of the countryside, and an outside area to sit and sip and enjoy the surroundings.

     Fox Meadows Winery has a wonderful red, Le Renard Rouge, that goes well with damn near anything, and it’s one they we seem to enjoy most on a cool, crisp evening around an outside fire. They also have a nice tasting area from which one can enjoy the views.

     As far as whites go, we haven’t really found anything yet that we like as well as the California chards or some French and Italian varietals, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. The same with ports: few American-mades can compete with the continental imports, but we are always on the lookout for one.

       Let me close for now, and we’ll see what next week brings in terms of a topic.

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  • Jordan Says:

    Awesome. My brother is moving down to VA, and most of these places will be along the way. A few bottles of wine will make a nice housewarming gift.

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